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A Tribute To My Mother

Who says perfection is a myth? Mothers are perfect! They personify the term perfect; so tender, caring and most of all- sacrificing. From sacrificing her night’s sleep to sacrificing her share of scrumptious food, they always prioritized us.

If you ask me about my siblings or friends, I can tell you about a lot of moments that were special but with my mother, every moment is special.  She is the only one who made me believe that love is unconditional and still exists. Healing to me is her soothing smell when I sleep on her lap. How can someone love so unconditionally and selflessly, may be this why whenever we say “MAA” an overwhelming feeling overpowers us. I don’t know what happiness actually means but to me it is the breeze of peace that hits me gently when I hug my mother.

She always knew what ingredients were required for a perfect upbringing. She knew about the cruelty prevailing in the world we live in yet she dared to teach her daughter honesty. It happened when I was in first standard, I was newly admitted in that school and, as far as I remember, I was the quietest one in the class because I feared everyone there. However, thanks to my mother that I could score well in my exams securing the third highest marks in the test; recognition followed good marks. The unknown friends were now interested in knowing me and the teachers were too pleased. It was then that my mother checked that I was given extra marks wrongly and I was asked by her to inform the teacher about it. Obviously I didn’t want to do it but I had no other option. I was conscious about my image in the class and feared being laughed at by the students; embarrassedly, I went to the teacher and told her about the extra marks fearing a scolding from her but what happened next was least expected. She narrated the whole story to the whole class and asked them to take this as a lesson. That was the first time I saw the legacy of good deeds. I was happier now.

Maa told me that night that there was a crisis of goodness in this world and so it is the responsibility of every individual human being to spread goodness here for making the world a better place. I never understood these lines then but I still remember them and now I understand them too.

She has been my strength throughout my life. I don’t remember the first time I fell and hurt myself but I do remember how she told me that I was strong enough to get up and continue every time I fell down. Time has changed, but she still believes the same. I fail, I fall down but I don’t lose hope; she has never taught me to give up.

She tells me how painful it was for her to let me go to school, for the first time, amongst all strangers but she had to. I cried, screamed, howled but she didn’t let me know how much weak she felt inside. She told me that the right paths in life are mostly the difficult ones; the wrong ones are enticing but short lived. Had she chosen to keep me safe at home with her that day, I wouldn’t have been blogging about her now.

She is an expert. Her touch was and still is enough to heal all the pains, her hug cured me when I was down with fever, she remained awake whole nights when I was unwell just to make sure that I slept properly. She taught me that forgiving is easy and there is no place for ego where there is love. I fought with her so many a times but every time she forgave me knowing that I was wrong and she happened to be the first one to break the ice after the fight.

There were days of depression when I stayed at home feeling ugly about myself but she showed me how beautiful I was inside. As I mentioned earlier, she has been my strength. When the whole world is judging you, mother stands by your side showing you light at the other end of the tunnel. Actually, she is the light at the other end of tunnel, the epitome of hope, she is the reason that makes me believe in me because I believe in her and I am what she has taught me. I am an imperfect replica of my mother and so I choose to bounce back every time life knocks me down.

There is a plethora of memories and moments to be cherished with my mother. I owe her more than my life. This is a dedication to her warm hugs and gentle kisses, sleepless nights and selfless care, life’s lessons and small sacrifices, tears of joy and sorrow, hurts and smiles, and the unconditional love.


I love you maa!

This post is written for Godrej #MyFirstExpert 


  1. This is so wonderful and hearth touching and I think it must be spread to whole world. What do you say about my thought.

  2. I liked your thought. Thank you so much!

  3. So nice post like this

  4. So nice post like this

  5. No better description about mother could be given... Really nice write up mam.. Bravo !!!

  6. loved it.. u are awesome with words. i can imagine the whole thing.. God bless you.


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